Mountain Tea in bag


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The mountain tea is one of the best herbs available to Greece. Harvested by hand, and desiccation becomes shaded naturally.


Mountain tea contains flavonoids, essences, triterpene acids, diterpenes, Curcumin and karyofyllini. It also contains, fainolopropania, iridoids, coumarins, lignans and sterols. Thought to contain many antioxidants that are valuable to the organization.

Friday - Dosage


Boil 1-2 tsp mountain tea for each cup of water 2-3 minutes, strain it and drink.


In a cup of boiling water pour 2 tsp mountain tea, Cover and leave for 10 some minutes. Subsequently, strain it and drink.

We can consume without fear, several cups a day, especially in cases of colds, since the mountain tea contains caffeine. With a little honey and a few drops of fresh lemon, this splendid tea, will relieve us directly.

Drink for relaxation and peaceful sleep

We make an infusion of mountain tea and tisane. add optional 1 tsp honey or brown sugar. Besides the great taste of, They will give you a wonderful and peaceful sleep, if you drink it in the evening, just before sleep.

Tonic drink for breakfast

Make an infusion of mountain tea and add 2-3 saffron stamens. It has a wonderful aroma and stimulate your, as you start your day.

Therapeutic effects and uses

-It is highly effective for treating colds, nasal congestion, respiratory problems and persistent cough.

-Relieves indigestion and stomachache.

-It is tonic and diuretic, helping in cases of nephrolithiasis.

-It is a powerful astringent and used against diarrhea, colitis and colic digestive.

-Soothing digestive, diaphoretic, detoxifier, heating and antispasmodic Respiratory.

- Research shows that the genus Sideritis scardica has potential pharmacological properties as anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant, to an extent corresponding green tea.

-Scientific studies and research suggests that it may act preventively against occurrence waterfall, clots and hypertension.

-It helps fight diseases of capillaries and heart, thanks to flavonoids containing.

-Has relaxing and anxiolytic activity.

-Can contribute to the prevention of osteoporosis.

-Helps anemia due to iron-containing.

-It stimulates the brain and muscles.

-Strengthens the immune system.

-It helps prevent cancer, thanks to numerous antioxidants containing.

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