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Extremely useful plant and the best antiseptic and tonic herbs. It is probably the plant with the most beneficial idiotites.To extract can prevent colds, throws fever, fight the flu, intestinal disorders and skin loimoxeis.Antispasmodiko digestive tract, facilitate digestion, calms the nervous twitching of the stomach and enterou.Akomi helps reduce anxiety and mental depression.


It contains over 1% volatile oil (containing thymol, carvacrol,cymene, linalol, borneol), bitter elements, tannin, flavonoids and triterpenoids.

Friday - dosage

infusion: take 2 teaspoons of dried herb in a cup of boiling water and let stand for 10 minutes. Drink this drink, three times a day.

Tincture: 2-4 ml tincture, three times a day.

Essential Oil: 1-5 drops into the tub with warm water, We do a very good thermal bath, if we suffer from rheumatism or arthritis.

also called, that 1 essential oil drop on the aching tooth, alleviates pain.

Therapeutic effects and uses

-To thyme used against gingivitis(rub the gums with it), caries and dental plaque

-gargling with thyme decoction have good results in sore throat and severe cough. Causing expectoration and reduces unnecessary spasms

-It can be used to pertussis and asthma

-kills germs. Thymol and borneol containing impart specific antiseptic and antibacterial properties

-the drink helps the intestinal function and soothe bloating

-combats weakness and anxiety, mental and physical exhaustion, Depression and apathy

-using the bathroom, relieves patients with rheumatism

-as poultice soothes itching

-young children administered anti-worm

-It is generally used as a tonic and strengthener of the organism

-antispasmodic and softening of the stomach

-externally as a lotion is used on infected wounds

-It helps the respiratory and digestive infections

-It helps prevent diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome, known colitis

-good results in laryngitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis

-the deeply established lung infections


-with oregano and marjoram aromatize soups and sauces

-It goes well on grilled eggplant and baked peppers

-many consider ideal spice, even for the fish

other uses

indoor Use

• Thymol helps in the digestion of fatty foods.
• Thyme is a general stimulant and is valuable for the physical and mental prostration and weakness, the stress, neurasthenia, depression and migraine.
• Increases mental clarity.
• It stimulates the nerves.
• Makes for rickets.
• Opens the appetite.
• It is emmenagogue if the delay menstrual symptomatic.
• Antiseptic intestines, genitourinary system and lungs, thus it is suitable for intestinal infections, leucorrhoea and pulmonary infections, as bronchitis and tuberculosis.
• Regulates leukocytosis infectious diseases.
• It efidromatiko and regulates secretion in fever, Flu and colds and is a preventive antibiotic influenza epidemics.
• It is anthelmintic (aciduria, roundworms, film etc.) in humans and animals.
• It is slightly hypnotic.
• Prevents fermentation and gas concentration, in the stomach, abdomen and intestines and colic.
• When diarrhea, dysentery.
• antispasmodic cough, whooping cough and asthma.
• When the paralysis of the tongue.
• It is a diuretic and makes for dropsy.
• In gargle is beneficial for the throat.
• It helps blood circulation and strengthens the heart.
• It painkiller in rheumatism.
• Makes for toothache and is used in dentifrices.
• It is antipyretic in typhoid fever.

External use

• Stops hair loss.
• Antiseptic and bactericide in skin and white discharge, heals wounds, pimples and burns.
• In gargle used for diseases of the respiratory system.
• Treats scabies and ringworm.
• fights against arthritis and rheumatism in the joints and muscles.
• An ointment with thyme is good for shingles.
• Makes the most good toothpaste. Thymol is used in dentifrices and mouthwashes. When you rub the gums with thyme treat gingivitis.
• The bathroom with thyme banishes fatigue.

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