Oregano essential oil


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Inside a bottle of essential oil of oregano is a strong base of plant chemicals that can help you fight a virus, to “kill” fungi and bacteria, washing away pests and to boost your immune system.

Oregano is used as a medicament for 4.000 years of ancient Chinese, Hellenes, and Roman physicians and therapists. The word oregano means "joy of the mountain” in Greek and refers to the fact that oregano grows well at higher altitudes. When blooming oregano has pink or purple flowers that are edible (and very tasty) ! In Greek mythology, oregano created by Venus as a symbol of happiness.

Before the decade 1940, oregano was quite rare in America. US soldiers found in Italy during World War I developed a love for the herb and took it home with them.

Ways to use essential oil of oregano

A once a day mix a few drops of essential oil of oregano with olive oil put in an empty gelatin capsule and the drink, but not on an empty stomach, to boost your immune.

Put in a liquid soap container Gel aloe vera almost to the top and add: 1/4 tsp Vitamin E oil (as a natural preservative), 30 drops of oil of oregano and optional lavender oil or another that you smell like. Once a natural antibacterial created.

Oregano combats bacteria, the plate, bad breath and tooth aches, even periodontitis. Add a drop of essential oil to your toothpaste and remove these problems.

Fight dandruff adding a few drops in your shampoo

Rub your joints externally with essential oil. If you mix it with hemp oil and massage where it hurts.

Put a few drops of oil in a pan with hot water and can combat their foot fungus. In problem following, put the oil on the fungus. Goes for nails.

Disinfect everything with the following recipe:

  • 4 drops of oil of oregano,
  • 10 drops lemon oil,
  • 1/4 cup white vinegar in a bucket of warm water.

Apply more bites of mosquitoes or other insects.

A couple of drops in case of ear infection will relieve your. Along with olive oil rub the outer part of your ear. Will relieve.

in warts. Mix one drop of oregano oil and apply directly if warts, covering with a bandage. Change bandage daily and repeat until it disappears.

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